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Travis Quiller

Travis Quiller

Blank Deluxe, headed by Travis Quiller, is a freelance web and graphic design company based out of Boulder, Colorado since 2008. Travis keeps his designs young, fresh and modern and has an innate ability to stay true to every client. With customer service as his utmost priority, Travis's aesthetics represent a satisfied clientele base. His ongoing education allows him to keep up to date with the newest technologies and design techniques.

Travis grew up in a small town in southern Colorado and moved to Boulder in 2006, where he discovered his passion for technology and the digital arts. At his core, Travis has a true love for street art, graphic design and Warhol classics. In his free time, Travis is an aspiring photographer and maintains an art, music and design blog, staying current with all new trending topics. Blank Deluxe and Travis Quiller are synonymous – for Travis, his work is his love.

How I Work

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We sit down down for a free consultation either in person or over the phone, get the information for the project, and begin painting a picture. Over this conversation we cover - Design Requirements, Desired Audience, Business Strategy, Wireframe, Initial Artwork, Colors and Layout
I take your requirements and turn them into concepts, design the experience, and fine tune the details. I will work through the layout and cover - Development, Data Layout, Final Wireframe, Begin Final Layout, Motion Design, UX Design, Usability Testing
I finalize the details, optimize the experience, test and launch. I then analyze the performance and fine tune as needed. Together we will work through the final pieces of the puzzle including - Functional Requirements, Quality Assurance, UX Specifications, Final Development, Google Analytics, Final Deployment

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